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No one knows when tragedy will strike.  Challenges, pain and suffering do not discriminate.  Sometimes you can see it coming. Other times it arrives unannounced, and as much as you think you are prepared, there is always a burden someone else can lift.

As trite as it sounds, we understand.  We’ve been there ourselves.  So we established the Just Keep Smiling Foundation to focus our energies on relieving some of the financial burden for families with critically ill children and on offering emotional and spiritual comfort.

“I spent years in and out of the hospital with my son after he was diagnosed with a severe heart problem.  I saw the pain and difficulties so many parents face trying to cope with their child’s illness.   After my son passed away, I made a decision to work toward a foundation that could help with the emotional and financial needs of these families.”

—Debra Cook, Founder

Our assistance comes in the form of financial aid for often-overlooked immediate needs.  As it happens, we also offer more—like emotional support rooted in first-hand experience and spiritual insight that conveys peace, comfort and strength found in God.

“After losing my husband and two children in a boating accident, I searched for a peace and purpose in my life.  It took me years to heal and realize I could use what happened to me to send comfort to others.  God has put it in my heart to reach out to parents struggling with critically ill children.  I want them to know that God does love and care about their pain.  It is up to us, who feel called, to extend a helping hand in any way we can.”

-Sue Jeffreys, Founder

Offering emotional support based on personal knowledge of a child’s serious illness or death, Just Keep Smiling’s founders have a unique ministry to those in crisis and offer their insights and comfort to anyone in need. 

“The weight and responsibility of raising a child with a life-threatening illness is overwhelming.  You need someone who can empathize with you because they have been there.  Someone who knows your fears, understands your pain and frustration and who can stand in the gap in prayer with you.”

-Patrice Brooks, Founder